The Rocking Chair Sessions #01: Withered Hand

La palabra 'orgullo' no llega para describir lo que sentimos ahora. Os presentamos: The Rocking Chair Sessions. Un salón de un piso modernista en Barcelona. Un pequeño escenario delante de una librería y una mecedora. 60 personas sentadas tan cerca del músico que pueden oír latir su corazón. En este caso del genio escocés Withered Hand. Y gratis con la entrada: una copa de vino de nuestros amigos de Jovani & Vins, un sorteo de

“Fading”! A Singer of Songs’ new album! Out now!

This is it. It has taken over 300 days of rehearsing, recording and mixing. Hundreds of kilometers driving back and forth to the farm. But here it finally is. Our new baby. Today we release a Singer of Songs' new album “Fading”. Ten songs. A little over 40 minutes of sad melodies. Here you can buy the digital album, CD or vinyl. We even made some colorful T-shirts and tote bags to celebrate this joyful event.

New Album a Singer of Songs – Trailer!

For the past six months a Singer of Songs has found refuge in a farm in the middle of nowhere to rehearse and record their new album. They put wood on the old stove and played their new songs to the horses, dogs and cats resting underneath the windows. And while they were at it, Pau made this little video. "Fading" will be released on 5 September 2016. It is something to look forward to...

Wearyland records video in Brussels

A month ago Wearyland played a secret show for Indies Keeping Secrets in Brussels, right after the terrible terrorist attacks. So they re-wrote some of the words of their song 'Accusations' for the video IKS always shoots right before their shows. This is their heart-breaking tribute to the city they call home.

A Singer of Songs is recording!

A Singer of Songs is finishing the new album as we speak. They went to a farm in the middle of nowhere, only surrounded by horses and dry wind, to record 10 new songs, produced by Frank Rudow. Photographer Rafael Arocha paid them a small visit and took his camera with him. These are some of the pictures he made...