New Album a Singer of Songs – Trailer!

For the past six months a Singer of Songs has found refuge in a farm in the middle of nowhere to rehearse and record their new album. They put wood on the old stove and played their new songs to the horses, dogs and cats resting underneath the windows. And while they were at it, […]

Wearyland records video in Brussels

A month ago Wearyland played a secret show for Indies Keeping Secrets in Brussels, right after the terrible terrorist attacks. So they re-wrote some of the words of their song ‘Accusations’ for the video IKS always shoots right before their shows. This is their heart-breaking tribute to the city they call home.

A Singer of Songs is recording!

A Singer of Songs is finishing the new album as we speak. They went to a farm in the middle of nowhere, only surrounded by horses and dry wind, to record 10 new songs, produced by Frank Rudow. Photographer Rafael Arocha paid them a small visit and took his camera with him. These are some […]

Official Christmas Video for Wearyland’s ‘If Life’

Our favorite Belgians Wearyland wish you all a happy new year. And they do it with this wonderful Christmas video for ‘If Life’, from their awesome debut album ‘Wearyland’ (it’s not just awesome because we released it).

a Singer of Songs in France, part I

A Singer of Songs is safely back in Barcelona after finishing the first part of his tour through France. These are some numbers to describe the experience… These past two weeks Lieven has driven about 2.900 km. he has played about 9 hours of live music distributed over 7 shows in 7 towns to 500 […]

a Singer of Songs “Darker than Dark”

Antoine from Ziklibrenbib took Lieven to an abandoned chateau and asked him to pull out his guitar and played a song for him and his camera. This song will be on a Singer of Songs new album. And it’s kind of very very sad, perfect to play in the shadow of the ruin of a […]

A Singer of Songs in France

Friends in France, tomorrow A Singer of Songs will get on the road and travel towards you. He will be travelling from west to east, playing his songs and telling his stories in 15 public libraries. Check out the dates and places, and come on out!

a Singer of Songs in Finland

This past August a Singer of Songs travelled all the way to Finland to present their album ‘From Hello to Goodbye’. They ate tons of delicious salmon and reindeer. They rowed, biked and sat in the sun. They chased the same cat for five days. They paid ridiculous amounts of money for beers. And they […]

We make records.

We love hand-made stuff. We love people who love hand-made stuff. So we make hand-made stuff. This is what it looks like to be the CEO of an independent record label… All the Wearyland albums are almost ready. And they are looking awesome.

‘Wearyland’ ready for pre-order now!

“It has taken over 20 years, lots of work and even more patience to get here. But the time is now. Our debut album will be released by Son canciones on 4 May 2015. You can pre-order the album now, and you’ll get two tracks sent to you immediatley. One of which will disappear from […]